SCUD Line is a proud supporter and collaborator of many adult entertainment brands, venues, service workers and select adult performers. We will always be a brand that stands behind artists & performers who put themselves out there in ways that might not be socially acceptable. Art and expressionism come in all forms. Artists such as burlesque dancers and exotic entertainers should be encouraged to embrace their art form. Everyone who creates it should be encouraged to collaborate outside their genre.


The SCUD Line will always be an open minded art collective brand. Because of this, we confidently stand alongside those performers and brands who aren’t afraid to team up with different artistic platforms. We have dedicated a whole section of our brand known as the SIXEXES (or XXXXXX) series showcasing prints and designs with x-rated themes. Here is a taste of our work with said performers and brands:

Katya Rodriguez:

Katya Rodriguez Green Shirt

Jade Kush:

Kirra Kai:

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