Whose this for?

Smile Clan United Division (SCUD) is a military inspired, anti-authoritative clothing line/art group for an anxiety-driven and somewhat nihilistic society. Known more commonly as SCUD-LINE, it is an aggressive yet humorous skate/street-wear art collective brand with a variety of voices. The team's bold eclectic designs are inspired by military fashion, urban-wear, erotica, puns, and self loathing. The collective featured pieces are often captioned by the mildly sarcastic tagline - "self loathing clothing." In these six separate ever evolving branches or series, the collective showcases their work and never holds any punches.

It's NOT Life is Good:

Each Series brings a unique voice to SCUD Clothing but always maintains a clean crisp semblance. The brand was launched one year after the passing of a dear friend, which is the stem of why much of the focus of each piece is a reference or close interpretation to inevitable death. Not intended to glamorize depression but SCUD approaches art with the stoic sense of appreciation of our time sometimes poking fun at the reach for fame or empty promises many brands and cooperation's promise when buying their shit.

Division Titles:

SCUDOFFICIAL- A Scud "Official" is a founding member of the division who represents the company. This job includes sales representative, public relations, designer, and/or printer.

SCUDRUNNER- A Scud "Runner" is an anonymous member who has promoted the company by means of guerrilla advertisement. SCUD Line was founded and heavily inspired by graffiti culture and has close ties to painters around the US (See this tumblr for recordings)

SCUDBUM- A Scud "Bum" is someone who has modeled and/or promoted the company shamelessly on instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. 

The Smile Clan / United Division is always growing and always appreciates those willing to be a part of it. See the "OTHER" page, to learn how to join the division.